Monday, March 12, 2012

egg babies

with easter on the horizon i've been painting pictures and cards of eggs. should probably research why this holiday is marked by eggs and bunnies because i've wondered my whole life. what i do know is that it is one of my favorite holidays for the pastel like colors and flowers, the food (surprise), and it's just really cute to see what kids wear. oh and that hat parade they have uptown. never actually witnessed the easter hat parade (if that is what it's even called) but it sure looks fun!

speaking of eggs, i remember having an "egg baby" project in home economics (seriously, i did take a class with that title, wouldnt mind teaching it to the youth of today!) . i named it iggy.

hope the easter bunny delivers delicious pastries to your door!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

tickled pink

the recital, 2012
christina soriano
gouache and pencil on clayboard
8" x 10"

about 1 year ago i made a whole lot of drawings inspired by my "childhood artifacts". what was the motivation you wonder?

well, my parents gently "nudged" that if i didn't clean out my old room in their house, all of my treasured belongings would end up.... in a dumpster?!

beginning in spring 2011 the arduous task began. memory lane is a really fun place if you ask me! i began to sort everything within the categories of:

college (um, still adolescence, yes)
post - college (hm, still adolescence)
last ,but never least, adulthood. gasp..... (aka, my parents' home is my current storage facility)

then even more classifications started:

art supplies
college artwork (sorry, just not ready to part with those drawings from freshman foundation class!)
photographs (oh my goodness, did i take pictures...doubles even!)
writings (we all need to remember that we learned how to properly cite, right?)
journals (volumes upon volumes, they are beyond entertainment)

but, my most favorite category was anything in the "childhood" bin. i found my first ballerina costume! full disclosure, all the turns made me dizzy so i ended up moving onto greener pastures after a few performances. the costume was shiny, pink, and highly frilly. it was adorable! we ended up donating it but before i said goodbye, made sure to make a drawing. it is now a small painting that now lives forever in gouache and pencil on clayboard.

more to come...